Letters after the set name

While most of the sets are pretty straight forward, the basic set has three different tags. This table should clarify it. The slayers premium cards are similar with an A and Z next to their symbols. These cards will either be in the Lina (A) or Xellos (Z) booster packs.

Category Translated What it means
基本 S Basic S Basic S cards are found exclusively in the starter deck
基本 B Basic B Basic B cards are found exclusively in the booster packs
基本 Basic Basic cards are not exclusive and can be found in both the starter deck and the booster packs.

Symbol usage in the tool tips

Symbol What it means
 ? This information is coming but hasn't been added yet. This is used in all tool tips prior to filling them in.
This card type does not utilize this box on the tool tip. For more information on why it is set up this way see the FAQ bellow.
This card type does use this box, but does not have anything to place. For example client cards can have up to 4 stats, but if it has less than 4 a "▪" will be put there instead.
Circle2 Essential: Client cards are needed to play the game properly, so client cards are the majority of the essential symbol cards. Other client cards are marked with a "Clover2" to mark them as holographics.
Triangle2 Common: These cards are plentiful and were fairly common to find during production.
Diamond2 Uncommon: These cards are harder to find and are not as plentiful.
Star2 Rare: These cards are hard to find and are a bit more expensive second hand.
Clover2 Special Rare: This pretty much just means it is a rare card that is also holographic.
Heart2 Promotional: These cards were not sold as part of the main series, but instead were issued with various events or products. There are only 14 of these cards.


Why are unused boxes marked with a "●" instead of just being removed?

While designing the layout of the tool tip I reached the decision to try and keep them as uniform as possible. Many layouts were tested and I felt in the end that just marking the boxes with a "●" was sufficient enough and it kept everything cohesive.

Why are the rarity symbols different on the card list and the tool tip?

This was done to help make cards easier to find. The symbols are scaled down when used in the list and in a small scale the original rarity symbols don't really stand out from each other. However they stars are very eye catching and help break out the list and make it easier to find the cards you want by their rarity.

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