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Majime na kikkake05:01

Majime na kikkake

Falling on the asphalt I get burned and stuck
I get my shirt wet to cool down but I'm not smiling a Broken Heart

Yes Maybe being alone right now will mean I will meet someone later
Listening to my voice I can't deceive myself for the real me is out there somewhere

My angel give me a love and sympathy however that love could die
I hope in reality my pride won't waver as won't my value
My angel give me a chance I ask to not let love die
Though this secret purpose won't satisfy the devil

Splashing around in pure white water at the sandy beach
Announcing submission is our hero he grows hot not having a Refreshed Heart

Yes To satisfy this kindness money won't do even though people say that is so I think it is awful because if you in love it really shouldn't matter

My angel give me a love and sympathy because I'm a monster of love
Standing under the moon above wishing that I could be different
My angel give me a chance I beg of you to let love come again
Though this secret purpose won't satisfy the devil

To feel sadness to cry from love how can that be true
This could be dangerous please God don't be wicked

Darlin give me a love and sympathy make love more likely
Give this girl a time to be in love
You're A Shrewd Hero I will come help you
Though this secret purpose will make the devil changeable

My darlin I love you so this love has got a real grip on me
My face shows happiness and my painful dream is shattered
Because modesty won't help you have to be serious
Dear god I want to thank you from the depths of my heart
I never wanna leave you 

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