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Kono sekai no doko ka de

Kono sekai no doko ka de

Please go to sleep
In peace in purity
Entrust me
With your broken wings

It's whispering in the darkness
Like it's close by
Let us offer this prayer
By your bedside

Aa, we are all alone
In this search for love
Reach out with both hands
Like the small birds dancing in the sky

In the pain that sleep brings
In the times when we are lost
Don't forget that my heart
Will be there by your side

Aa, like it is guiding you
The star seems to glitter
But it's only a victory of tears
And the longing remains

In the radiance of sunrise
Awaken to this world
And don't forget that my heart
Will be there by your side

No matter how much that separates us
I will be by your side

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